Book Review: In Search of Certainty


In Search of Certainty was certainly an interesting book. Mark Burgess shows exceptional intellect and wisdom throughout the paragraphs of this book, and what I love about it even moreso than the lessons it teaches you is how it teaches you those lessons. Rather than go through technology dives about X or Y, we see an abstract view on our technology driven world. Yes, we do dive into Physics, Science and more. Yes, we do have actual diagrams showing us scientific notations – but in my opinion one doesn’t have to know much about these to understand the book itself.

If you are looking for a book to teach you a technology, based on my opinon, this isn’t exactly your book. Whenever I pick up a book ‘on technology’, I want concrete examples of said technology and how to implement it. This book is more of a hypothetical overview of…well…everything.


  • Read? – yes
  • Buy? – maybe…depends on your book collection. I say yes.
  • Take Notes? – I tried, didn’t make it too far. Though I did take a lot of highlights in my reading device for certain sentences to go back on.
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