Optimizing the Image

Optimizing the Image

A look into lessons learned while building images for applications and processes in Docker

Warning: Excessive use of the word Docker is to follow

Containers. They are the new thing in the IT industry and for good reason. We are now able to take applications and build environments, package them up and ship them around without the overhead of a VM. This is important for a few reasons, the most important (in my own opinion) is that we can produce and re-produce application development environments across contributors machines without issues with version management – while also programming exactly for what we are going to push to production. Vagrant does similar things with a VM, but a VM adds potential overhead that doesn’t exist within a container, which is what we will be trying to avoid.

We will be taking an in-depth look at Optimizing the Image over a few different blogs:

  1. Package and Base Image Details
  2. Monitoring of CPU/MEM
  3. Security
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