About Me

My name is Jason Cameron and I am a MIZZOU grad, System Administrator, EdTech Enthusiast, and an all-around Nerd.

Many times when I run an about page I can’t decide where to start.  I have many interests and as I have gone through trying to set up blogs in the past I have always tried to keep myself focused on one or the other.  The problem is I thoroughly enjoy talking about all these topics, and love receiving remarks, opinions or anything else that help me continue to learn!  So here is the lowdown…

College and Professional Career

First and foremost, I am a MIZZOU Grad and Proud of it.  I will admit that when I was a kid I didn’t care where I got my IT degree from (which I decided I was going to pursue since the 6th grade), but where I got it was not important to me at first.  However after I got to MIZZOU, experienced the atmosphere and met some of the teachers that would eventually ignite my career, I am now a Tiger’s fan for life and owe a debt in which I could never repay to the University.  Conveniently, I actually work for the University now…so it seems they can not get rid of me!

I work for an Educational and Research Network as a System Administrator and Developer.  Once again, as I wasn’t concentrated on anything specific with my IT degree, working in EdTech wasn’t exactly on my like or dislike list..I was completely agnostic to it.  However once I came to my current employer the coworkers, the atmosphere and the members that trusted us changed all of that.  I now absolutely love EdTech – programming, support, talking…all of it.

So what have I programmed, what have I developed on, and why am I writing it in a Blog?  Well, I have coded in PHP, Ruby (and using the RoR framework), Node.JS, Java (barely) and typical scripting languages like Perl, Shell, Bash, etc.  Development wise I have dove into OpenSource projects such as Moodle, InBloom, OwnCloud, Drupal, WordPress, OpenBades…and quite a few more.  I am writing a blog more-so to keep my own notes and share my experiences with others in the hopes of keeping the information Open.

Off Topic

As I have said in the about me section, I am an overall nerd.  I love comics, I love comic book movies, and I absolutely love video games.  In my off time I do a lot of research on Gamification, play video games such as Everquest Next Landmark (soon to be just EQN), Xbox/PS games and others, as well as stay in touch with the recent news of the Marvel/DC universes when it comes to books and movies.  So, with that being said don’t be surprised to see posts concerning these topics when I am geeking out after watching great movies like the recent Captain America Winter Soldier!

Aside from that, I have one son in the form of a Jack Russell Terrier named Eli who was adopted 5 years ago and am expecting my first biological son/daughter in October.  More than likely they will make guest appearances when I am bored and have nothing else to talk about!

To conclude….

I am interested in any and all technology topics, I especially love brain storming.  I don’t believe any question isn’t worth asking, nor do I believe any topic isn’t worth investigating (to a certain point).  I love learning.  I absolutely love it.  Please feel free to contact me through social media or any other means on any topics you may be interested in discussing or otherwise!

– Thanks for reading
Jason Cameron